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Dante Jameson
Veteran sharp shooting scout
Veteran sharp shooting scout
Dante Jameson

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PostSubject: Retaleation   Retaleation I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 10:16 am

Me and about 10 other platoons get in dingys and begin to cross the lake

we hear gun shots and splashes in the water then we hear and explosion 3 of the boats are completey destroyed

we hear someone shout in the distance " were coming You Foreign Bastards!!!"

some men fall of the boat
we finally land and i run up to the bank out of breathe and get pumped (i have adrenalin)

i run straight at a bunker and kill the people inside with a grenade i get shot in the arm and drop my gun falling over onto my back looking and watching men and my friends get killed

a medic runs over and gives me some anasthetic i take out a grenade and a pistol as the medic gets shot 2 times in the head and chet i run and hide behind some cover with the rest of my squad
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