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 Shaun thinking

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Dante Jameson
Veteran sharp shooting scout
Veteran sharp shooting scout
Dante Jameson

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PostSubject: Shaun thinking   Shaun thinking I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 5:58 am

Shaun is at the shooting range

he puts his normal rifle on his back

he picks up a springfield without a scope on it

he aims and un-loads the gun so fast it seems as if he's fired 4 times

he hits all the dumbies twice in the chest and 2 times in the head and once in the crotch the other strayed bullets hit the arms and legs

he drops the gun and goes to his tent

"im heading offf tommorow just remember what dad said....No fear equals an honourable honourable soldier equas a hero"

he wraps his fathers dog tags around his gun

"i will dad i will be a hero you wait"

he lays his gun next to him and lays down on his bed

and begins to think about everything and what might happen
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Shaun thinking
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