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Roleplay in the battlefield, become a soldier and fight for what you think is right
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 Kaylee Judo

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PostSubject: Kaylee Judo   Kaylee Judo I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 3:47 am

Name:Kaylee Judo


Rank: Corpral


Bio: she lived in scotland but now travels all over the place to get to where she's needed, she is in the war due to her father. Her father sold her off into the war and if she dies her father wont get his money from the leared of her squad, she is more usefull with gun but injoys hand to hand combat and thats why the wanted her.

Sex: Female

More info: shes very playful, always looking for Mr Right, always in high heels even when she's fighting in the war, she plays piano from when she was 5 but now she can only do it if they go back home as she is on the move and can't play piano.

Looks: First picture in signature
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Kaylee Judo
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