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PostSubject: [ Char App ]~Daisuke~   [ Char App ]~Daisuke~ I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 2:19 am

Name: Daisuke


Rank: Private Shot-Stun Commander

Bio: He was abandoned when he was 8 with not care , love and what so ever . He was near a military when he was abandoned that time , the military was under contruction . In a few days later , the military was upgraded to a better and bigger defence system , radar weapons and much more . While a commander was looking around and checking on the military upgrades , he found Daisuke hiden within some grass and though it was an intruder . But as he goes closer with the gun pointing at Daisuke and keeps asking Daisuke to put his hands up and he finally noticed Daisuke was just a kid that time and still is . The commander took him in and train him once . The one time was a suprising thing for the commander to see . Daisuke was to choose any gun to shoot a practice target , but picked a shotgun without the aimer . Just the first time holding it , he gets a perfect 3 shots , the aim was accurate and even for a plastic bullet shotgun it was amazing to the commander to see it . He though of taking care of him till he grows up and still it's only been 2 years only and his only 10 . He was to be in a Private Shot-Stun Commander said the commander , the newest group and legend .

Sex: Male

Country: Scotland

More info:
1 . As the commander propsed to watch over him , he did as their office are just next each other . One day , the commander really wanted to do a great job with him and decided to make Daisuke his son and so he did . With his age , outside the office , he is just considered a beginner and he doesnt tells much bout himself so he is to be left alone for no reasons until now people will start knowing him soon and he might be able to find out the truth of his family

2 . His name , Daisuke is really his name as for his last name is Houzaki . Ever since being abandoned at a young age , he doesnt know his last name so his just going with Daisuke only .

Looks:[ Char App ]~Daisuke~ Niwa_Daisuke___Painted_by_hermionec
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[ Char App ]~Daisuke~
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