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 My brothers letters

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Dante Jameson
Veteran sharp shooting scout
Veteran sharp shooting scout
Dante Jameson

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PostSubject: My brothers letters   Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:49 pm

My brother is at war and has to rght to his family every two weeks.

heres his first letter

Dear mom and brother,

i miss you dearly and have lost one of my closest friends i found him lying in the road after his unit went on patrol.
i hope your getting on okay and are having a goodtime

im really shaken up since our patrol was under fire
the reason i was aloud to send you this letter home early was because in our next mission i am a scout one of the most dangerous possitions in a field operators career

if i dont come back dont morn over me dont even shed a tear because when you feel sad just look at the sky and ill be there

My Reply

Dear brother,

We also miss you and we're sorry about your friend

remember when dad went off can you remember what you said?

Fight for what you believe in and who you believe in
fight for whats right and do what is right and never forget who you are and who you love.

Good luck

Love Lewis.

no reply in 4 weeks

Good night

Me and shaun shooting at germans

Me Zack and Reece

You killed my men now ill kill you
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My brothers letters
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