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 Running (asian and allied troops join)

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Dante Jameson
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Veteran sharp shooting scout
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Running (asian and allied troops join) Empty
PostSubject: Running (asian and allied troops join)   Running (asian and allied troops join) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2009 2:33 pm

i sit behind a wall with some men that survived the artilleryi peep my head around the corner to see Russians running at the pill boxes and machine gun nests the trenches seem to be empty but are filled with Asian snipers

i run into the open

seeing bullets fly past me and kill other people

one hits me in the shoulder and knocks me over

"why does god always pick on me"

an un-exploaded bomb lands next to my head

"okay okay ill take it back"

i stay on the floor as if im dead i wait till the machine gun stops to reload and run directly at the trench
one of the men screams in japanese and runs at me with a sword i shoot him 2 times in the face and see the bullets go out the other side

a bullet hit my helmet and it fly off knocking me forward and un-conciousin the trench for a few minutes

a get back up and toss a grenade in a pillbox and shoot snipers that get in my way

Good night
Running (asian and allied troops join) Bandofbrothersmovieclip
Me and shaun shooting at germans
Running (asian and allied troops join) WWIIOL
Me Zack and Reece
Running (asian and allied troops join) Band-of-brothers-1
You killed my men now ill kill you
Running (asian and allied troops join) BoBScreenShot
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Running (asian and allied troops join)
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